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Statistics on Car Accidents in California

Last year, the estimated population of the State of California is at 36,553,000 – still the most populous state in the US and second in the Americas.

Its land area consisting of 160,000 mi2 is connected by various system of freeways, expressways and highways. Due to a large number of people who own a car, California cities are often experiencing severe traffic congestion, as well as car accidents.

Out of the 42,642 traffic fatalities in the US in 2006, the State of California ranked number 1, making it the state with the most number of car accidents in the country.

The top 5 states and the corresponding number of accidents in 2006 are as follow:
California 4,236
Texas 3,475
Florida 3,374
Georgia 1,693
North Carolina 1,559

Of the 4,236 accidents in California, an estimated 1,779 persons died in alcohol-related crashes.

The most populous counties/cities in California contributed to the states’ number of fatalities in 2006 in this wise:
Los Angeles 799 accidents
San Diego 303 accidents
San Francisco 42 accidents
Fresno 155 accidents
Sacramento 128 accidents

In national level, there are more than 6 million automobile accidents in the country. AAA, a motorist advocacy group, reported that these accidents cost $164.2 billion each year or $1,051 per person annually.

True to the words of an official from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the society is indeed “paying a huge price for motor vehicle crashes on our roadways”.