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Say NO to Online CPR/FIRST AID
Who would you want to perform CPR on your child or loved one if they were to suddenly stop breathing? Someone who just took a Cpr Certification online course or someone that took a hands on CPR course from a trained CPR and First Aid professional?

In our new high tech world,computers have become a source for online education and in some fields its not a bad idea. But in the business of saving a life it might not be such a good thing.

I have been a certified CPR and First Aid instructor for nearly 20 years and I have came to a conclusion that CPR and First Aid courses should be taught in a class room or a onsite environment, not online! First of all how do we actually know the person is really taking the online CPR and First Aid certification course.I personally heard about other people taking online Drivers Education courses for other people ,why not a online CPR and First Aid course.My second thought is that 90% of my students needed hands on instruction when it came to hand position and technique.

Would you want a online trained airline mechanic working on a plane your about to board? Something as important as saving a life must be taken more seriously.

The truth is that most online CPR certification websites are scams.The American Red Cross and American Heart Associations do not recognize online CPR and First Aid certification legal.Online courses can teach you the basic skills to perform CPR and First Aid ,but most company's and heath organization will not except these online CPR certifications.By accepting these online certifications company's could be facing major lawsuits if a case ended up in court.

The only way online CPR and First Aid certifications could work was if the CPR online courses would be used as a prep and when the student is ready, they take can take a test with a onsite instructor and only then after showing their skills and passing a written exam would receive a CPR and First Aid completion card.
By Nick Batteate/Cal Safety